Gifts for Daughter on Wedding Day

We’ve listed some of our favorite special and keepsake gift ideas to give to your daughter on her wedding day.

My Treasured Possession Pendant & Chain

A thoughtful and meaningful gift idea to give to your daughter on a special occasion, celebration, birthday or even a holiday gift. Let

Gifts for Daughters

Inspirational Jewelry

her know she what she means to you.   sterling silver, pearl, gift box, 18″ chain, meaning card

Graduation gift, holiday or birthday gift, gift to daughter on her wedding day

There are many things that I own That mean the world to me. But the greatest treasure that is mine Has become a mystery. How could someone as simple as me Be given wealth greater than gold? Be given dreams larger than life And watch them all unfold. As I look into the eyes of my child I feel joy like no other. That of all the women here on earth God picked me as your mother. My earthly treasured possession, I loved you from the start. My baby, oh great masterpiece! You are the pearl of my heart!

I Appreciate You My Daughter!

I appreciate you! I have been so blessed for so many reasons to have you as my daughter. You make me smile and bring sunshine in my life. There is a special place in my heart that is reserved just for you. I wanted you to know today just how much joy you bring to me and how much I love you so!

Prized Pearls of Love Gift for Bride

Daughter Gift Necklace

To My Daughter

Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Pearls Of Love 18in Necklace. This beautiful piece includes a poem as part of the gift. Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Pearls Of Love 18in Necklace

Historically considered the wedding gem, pearl jewelry is traditionally presented by the Father of the Bride or the Groom and symbolizes love, virtue, spirituality and prosperity. The association of pearls for weddings is believed to originate from India, several thousand years ago when a father collected pearls from the sea to present to his daughter on her wedding day. May this special pearl pendant still symbolize a tradition of hundreds of centuries ago. Pearl jewelry is still a symbol of purity and innocence. Wear this on your wedding day and pass it on to your daughter or a loved when on her wedding day to keep the tradition still going.


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